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Some Television Notes/Opinions To Go With Detroit Vs Seattle Notes

January 3, 2017

There has been only one previous post-season clash in any major North American sports league between the cities of Detroit and Seattle, whose NFL teams, the Lions and Seahawks respectively meet in the “Alfalfa” (Al Michaels) Saturday night wild card round game in Seattle, four days hence.

Michaels, affiliated with the bigger NFL night television package starting in 1986, a period of time encompassing all 4 Supe titles won by THE “value team,” New York Giants, (1986 with the best record and “reg” team and three others, one in ’90 with a home slots game as the NFC “2” and two others with Eli Manning as quarterback, in which the slightly better than mediocre “reg” culminated in Bob Papa announced titles (could you call that announcing and I know I keep bringing it up but alas, ’twas the non Giants fan, “Baba,” who reminded me Papa yelled “wide open is Tyree” (David) when in fact, Pats defender Rodney Harrison had great coverage thus Tyree’s catch, in the first Manning Supe win was incredible and Papa’s call beyond horrible and misleading, but not one that prevented Papa soaking in “Giants glory”), I BELIEVE has called the later (1990-2000) and Saturday night wild card game each year but last, since the 4 wild card games round was introduced in 1990.

Last year, for the first time, Michaels was involved in a Sunday early post-season or really a non Super Bowl, Sunday playoff tilt for the first time. This was after “Poo,” Jim Nantz presided over Pittsburgh’ no cover win at Cincinnati, in the Saturday night wild card tilt.

Last year, having announced 2 straight “at Minnesota” wins, Michaels sojourned (I doubt the Californian stayed in “Minne” for the week leading up to the Sea “no cover,” “Blair Walsh miss,” win) there for the aforementioned Sunday early wild card game tilt.

I have held my tongue in this post, anxious, but not quite ready to excorciate Michaels on a more personal level, and as most things in life are relative, again wish him good health and another “in Minne” appearance when NBC telecasts the 52nd Supe in about 13 (one quarter of 52) months.

Certainly I do not wish Michaels, in fact, any human being harm, but have a bit more “skin” regarding Michaels, whose politics almost surely differ from mine.

This is because no Michaels would mean Mike Tirico, with whom I might agree politically, but should he get as “plum” an assignment as the Supe, would further illustrate, in fact exponentially, the industry’s horribly eroded standards.

This year, (I did not forget the previous Detroit vs Seattle post-season clash/series), it is a team that lost at home in the Michaels’ “reg” finale last Sunday night vs Green Bay (Again as in 2015, both teams were assured of ‘offs berths going into the final Sunday night tilt. Last season, in the “reg,” Minne won vs “G.B,” but lost at home to Seattle in the ‘offs. Conversely, G.B. lost at Minne only to go to “Wash” and beat the Redskins. Oddly this season, a Redskins’ inexcusable home loss to the Giants, assured both Det and GB qualifying for the ‘offs), namely the Lions visiting, you guessed it Seattle, while the Packers again get the late Sunday “I see you” (Joe Buck) game, this time at home vs you guessed it, relevant to this TANGENT, New York (Giants).

In 1975, in a best two of three NBA preliminary series, the Seattle SuperSonics, now the Oklahoma City Thunder,  defeated the Detroit Pistons two games to one.

The home team prevailed in each game. Coincidentally both the SuperSonics after beating the Pistons, and Pistons, the next season, went on to face great Golden State Warriors’ teams.

As was the case in the last two seasons involving a pair of (I guess) great Warriors’ teams forty years later, the first Warriors team not as great record wise, won the crown (1975), but lost in the semis in 1976, that in the series after which they beat Detroit.



About to shoot and almost surely make one of his classic shot underhand free tosses, (the great Joe Tait announced FT’s as “free tosses,” one of two meant “he split the pair”) the truly great player, Rick Barry is pictured above.

Barry led the 1975 upstart Golden State Warriors to the NBA crown, dispatching the Seattle SuperSonics in the quarters along the route/journey.

That series commenced just after Seattle had beaten Detroit (Pistons) in what is until they “boot” Sat night in “Sea,” with Al, the only previous Sea/Det post-season major North American sports league clash. Bet “you could not have lasted a day” (I am not afraid to say I loved the Carpenters’ music and am reading “Little Girl Blue,” figuratively and at times literally crying, regarding Karen) without knowing that tidbit of truly inconsequential knowledge.



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