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Chiefs And Packers Repeat Big (Not As) Wins, Exactly 50 Years Later

January 2, 2017

My eyes hurt and coffee has not entered, but after the previous post, which was anything but the incredible recall I have (sadly unrecognized and likely virtually useless) of things that interest me, NFL history and recurrence, being a major one, (baby) here goes.

Yesterday was the exact 50th anniversary of both the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs securing victories, that put them opposite each other, in the first “championship game” (it was not called the Super Bowl, but is now considered the first, its heights and ridiculous glory as the ball (remember the superball) for which a K.C. Hunt named it) between the established NFL and upstart AFL.

Both the Pack and Chiefs marked the anniversary with “last game of the “reg” victories, that yielded higher seeding (K.C. is the AFC two seed, gaining a first round bye and will try to win a home slots/division round game for the first time in team history, on Sunday January 15th, the exact 50th anniversary of that first NFL/AFL game won by the Packers (35-10), while G.B. is the NFC “4” to host ancient and recent playoffs rival, “Hack” i.e.,  the N.Y. Giants, next Sunday in a first round/wild card round game).

Who knows, as the odds are against any Supe matchup manifesting, even one between top seeds, New England and Dallas, but wins by K.C. and G.B. on the exact 50th anniversary of those that produced their title battle in January 1967, slightly increase the chances of a redux these “big round number” years later.






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