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Last Week “Reg” NFL Predictions And Comments/Notes

January 1, 2017

While I have been dreadful on my college football predictions, most of them vs Alabama (as cited (0-6), the pro predictions and loser/loser/underdog vs a winner/winner/favorite “items” have fared much better. (I guess I could check the record but really, why?!)

On this last day full 16 game Sunday, one quarter/4 games fit the system. One is the no matter what somewhat meaningful, likely playoffs at stake game matching 3 point “fave” Green Bay at Detroit.

Another is a “going nowhere,” potential spoiler, San Diego (last week the Browns won their first game vs S.D. (Chargers), getting 5 or so points vs a K.C. Chiefs team that with a win is at least a “5” seed (if Mia wins an earlier tilt vs N.E. and K.C. loses then Mia is the 5 and visits far easier on paper at any rate, Houston RATHER than Pittsburgh whose owner, as with newscaster Rather, has the first name Dan) and if K.C. wins and Oakland playing simultaneously with “Poo” Nantz presiding and beamed here/N.Y. market, loses then the Chiefs are the AFC “two seed” a designation with a major perks, namely a first round bye and a home slots/division/second round home game assured.

Next on the list 7 point underdog N.Y. Giants, the definite NFC “5” seed which means a wild card round game next week, likely late Sunday with Joe Buck (as cited earlier, he is at Wash today) against a “Wash” team that with a win is almost certainly in the ‘offs and is definitely out with a loss.

The fourth system game as you will see with a fourth different scenario is the Rams plus 6 at home vs Arizona. Both teams go home after this tilt.

I predict at least covers by the Lions and Rams in the “system” tilts and in a game to be shown here, the Jets plus 4 vs the Buffalo Bills.

50 years ago, the Jets final game win and subsequent Buffalo win yielded a Bills AFL East crown. I recall a year, I believe 1989, when the Bills crushed the Jets in a season finale tilt “at Jets.” Of course last year, the spoiler Bills won at home denying the Jets a playoff berth.

This time in a meaningless force fed game but not prediction— Jets 24 Bills 23.




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