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Why Is Hack/Wash Later?! —Yielding Two Meaningless Early Games On New York Television

January 1, 2017

The “Hack” update is as follows, the (10-5) Giants know their position, they will be the NFC “5” seed. However, their “travel” person” has four different destination cities, to keep in mind.

Those cities in order of likelihood are Green Bay, Detroit, I guess next is Seattle, followed by Atlanta.

Joe Buck always gets what he wants, thus the “Hack” at “Wash” tilt has been moved to after 4 p.m. meaning the New York television market will be without a meaningful early tilt, on the last day of the “reg.”

As in a Jim Croce song, “It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way.”

Hack/Wash could have been played, starting at 1 p.m. two rivals, “lame duck-locked into their ‘offs spot” Hack a touchdown underdog, vs a “Wash” team pretty much in control of its playoffs destiny. A “Wash” win and they get in the ‘offs unless “GB” at “Det” ends in a tie. (Though I truly despise much of what the NFL with its violence, gambling, television greed and terrible announcing represents, I do NOT wish the “black eye” –alas at least one t.v. “eye” is black, evoking Muhammad Ali’s (the consensus and certainly my “greatest” loss, among the so many we lost in 2016), brilliance in asking why is there so much “black as bad,” in the language/lexicon, different cakes, white angel, and black devil, an example,— that tie, perhaps fostered by a 1947 film, dared made, regarding anti-Semitism, namely “Gentleman’s Agreement”—-that would likely hit the National Fixed? League. (Should the GB/Det tilt proceed to overtime why would not the two coaches “wink/wink”/”Gentleman’s Agreement” a tie? Again despite my almost overwhelmingly negative feelings regarding the NFL and certainly its boss Roger Goodell, I do not wish such an occurrence.)

In later games on the “reg’s” final day, (I think Kevin Burkhardt, who far too soon and without anywhere near the corresponding talent, for such reward and glory, will be the Fox Network “in Atlanta man,” for what likely would be a Saturday January 14th “slots” game in the south, if the touchdown favored, Falcons win vs New Orleans Sunday and gain the seemingly very important NFC two seed) correctly moved to be played simultaneously with related game, (Sea gets the “2” if they win and Atl loses) “Sea” at “S.F,” it is Kenny Albert, bumped two years ago from what is now an alternating “slots” call for and by Burkhardt, “on” Atlanta hosting New Orleans.

Neither Burkhardt or Albert is in my opinion, good, (even the great Marv, Kenny’s dad, was no “great shakes” on football (the “anyone can do” long extended, “non play by play acumen,” induced “to the ennnnndzone” call of son Kenny, was preceded by a similar one, though not as bad, by the great, not in football or baseball, Marv) but I will not shed any tears for Burkhardt, if it is Albert, whose incessant calls for the Sports Phone Quiz, I recall, but in sharp contrast to his not fulfilling a promise to call in on my cable show, gets the “slots” call on Jan 14th. Alas my father, with no “connections” was born 102 years earlier. For the record, I am pretty sure it will be Burkhardt. Also since though while some I know agree even more intensely with my negative opinions, many do not, I will for “your” benefit predict the slots set up in a post before Sunday’s games. Do with it as you please.

The point from all this convaluted, run on, but I believe on most levels, justified rage,  is that the Wash/Giants game has meaning apart from the two other meaningful Fox/NFC tilts each as stated, correctly a later start, the one in S.F. due to the time zone, the tilt in Atlanta moved to a later start, so that Sea will have playoffs seeding incentive.

Of course that is not the case involving the Giants/Wash, it stands alone, but “Bucky Boo” (I and perhaps God) “sees through you,” gets what he wants,  and we in N.Y. suffer with mandated Buff at the Jets (no NE at Mia) on CBS and “jammed down our collective throats,” Dallas, at Philly, in a meaningless tilt, by the way, with Burkhardt, (not Carolina at T.B.)  instead of a meaningful Giants/Wash tilt played earlier, followed by Atlanta hosting New Orleans, with related Sea/SF,played simultaneously.

It was always about the “bucks” (likely the NY/Wash tilt produces more) but for some reason, it is about this all powerful Buck, far more powerful than his over rated father Jack, and nowhere near as good.

In my opinion, while Jack Buck was pretty good, son Joe “chosen” for “John Unitas” World Series (19) and soon a 5th Supe–we can only hope he gets another “stinker,” as he got when Sea crushed Pey Manning and Denver in his fourth–is in my opinion, beyond annoying, not good and certainly not deserving of unprecedented exposure, that makes the great Curt Gowdy, (he too was given too much), appear as though he worked in a desert.



Click below to hear Jim Croce sing “It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way.”

Jim Croce – It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

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