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Alabama/Washington Prediction and Notes

December 31, 2016

I guess some people think it important that ESPN’s Paul Finebaum ranted vs The University of Michigan, actually before their Orange Bowl loss to Florida State.

It does not mean much to me but pretty much a factual error, certainly not telling the complete story, by Finebaum and the lack of knowledge by Mike Golic Jr. did matter to me, in a big time negative way.

Finebaum is technically correct in saying Alabama got some form of a national title in 1973, but in strongly asserting they got the title over Notre Dame (he did add the obvious that Notre Dame was awarded titles, I think he said subsequent so he cited one when there were two) and not citing Notre Dame and certainly not Alabama was the consensus and Associated Press college football champion for the 1973 season, Finebaum made a glaring omission if not error.

Golic Jr. claiming “all things Notre Dame,” (I am not a defender of Michigan, but the Notre Dame success if not, lore is long gone) did not have the knowledge to state Notre Dame was the 1973 consensus title winner.

I am trying to sneak another vs Alabama pick in here. They have beaten me every time and incredibly, despite big lines, the spread all but two times in 12 “on the board” games.

Today Alabama, a two touchdown “fave,” 39, Washington 28, the same score as a Steve Sloan led Alabama bowl win that with help got “Bama” the 1965 crown.



The great coach, Nick Saban, pictured above is say a two and a half to one favorite to win another of those tacky items, also pictured above.

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