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Bama “Covers” Notes

January 1, 2017

After two boring semi-final tilts yesterday, the first clear rematch for the college title, I believe mythical or otherwise in its history, has manifested, as Alabama will take on Clemson in the Monday night January 9th championship game.

Trailing (7-0) after two touchdown underdog Washington scored on its second possession, the great Tide (Alabama) team scored the last 24 points, raising their records to (14-0) and (11-2) vs the spread. (vs Tennessee Chattanooga, when clearly they did not “cover”–there was no access to a line for this “loser” (see my (0-6) vs Bama and unfortunately much else as 2017 begins).

“Bama,” which has won 4 titles in the (Barack) O(Bama) administration, has won all 10 of their titles with Democrats occupying the White House, (1 with John F. Kennedy 1961 season, 2 with Lyndon Johnson 1964 and 1965, 2 with James Earl (not Ray), but Carter in 1978 and 1979 and one with W.J. Clinton 1992 in addition to the four with B.H. Obama as president), as would be the case if they succeed as I will say close to 10 point faves vs Clemson, but never with the Democrat President as the “lame duck” variety.

The incredible Alabama defense stymied Washington time and again including a “cover” preserving last sequence with a Minkah (at that point no prayers, Jewish or otherwise could save Wash bettors many of whose late bets drove the line below 14) Fitzpatrick interception assuring a “Bama cover,” after their coach Nick Saban”o” unbeknownst to me, having shut the game off in disgust, gave Wash bettors a chance going for a 4th and 1 at their own 45, in the last minute.

Additionally, Alabama got its usual defensive touchdown, a 26 yard “int dance back” by Ryan Anderson, a real present for Tide first half (minus 7 plus) bettors and by definition an “arrow to the heart for those with Wash plus the same amount.

Bo Scarbrough was more than “fair” in delivering the “news,” simultaneously “chucking” aside Wash, as he ran for touchdowns of 18 and 68 yards, toting the pig for 168 yards overall.



Why are Michael Conrad, Burt Reynolds and John Steadman (not the great football writer, who forecast the score and called overtime for Colts/Giants 1958) from “The Longest Yard” pictured above.

Having already alluded to Simon and Garfunkel’s “Scarborough Fair,” and newscaster Chuck Scarborough, why not Michael Conrad as football player, “Nate Scarboro” in “The Longest Yard?”

Alas another reason especially in light of Saban”o'” decision is to recount a scene from “Yard” (a play on prison, I am in one even considering this garbage) in which Burt Reynolds’ character’s actions (no pun) of fixing pigskin tilts is called “Unamerican.”

My response to that is a question, “Is it?!!!”



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