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(My) 3 (Negative) R’s— Ranting, Raging and Running On (sentences) vs James, Silver, Trump, and yes the popularity of the Cubs

December 27, 2016

Today’s 52nd anniversary of the last  Cleveland NFL title, is not quite as meaningful as years past, as this is the first one, since the NBA Cavaliers ended the city’s nearly 52 year sports title drought last June, aided and abetted by the unfair suspension of Dray Green, by the “look at him, see much of the wrong (“wrong” said twice on a recording as I type, —did not need that “sign,” to opine how wrong Silver suspending Green was, as it led to a “Cleve” title, they may have won in any case, but to me is forever “of asterisk,” if not truly tainted.) in society,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver.

Three days ago, the 1999 expansion team, Browns won their first game and are (1-14). If there is a local or at least an “in the region” NHL team for Cleveland, it is the Columbus Blue Jackets, who have won 12 straight games and have the best record, still early, in the long, somewhat meaningful NHL regular season. (This with some contrast to the virtually meaningless NBA regular season, which Silver sanctions as those P.T. Barnum said “are born every minute,” still pay to see. Additionally to keep that going, “King Silver” and the new “George the Third,” Trump, will push for gambling on these otherwise meaningless games, perhaps streaming from some casinos, that will further exploit, those that are not rich.)

The baseball Indians now have the “market cornered” on current baseball title droughts, suffering again, after being denied by the Chicago Cubs in extra innings, after a rain delay in the decisive game played in Cleveland, with so many there and all over this country, which 6 days later “awakened” (people here, myself included, on other matters, likely will never, which is a long time, “wake up”) to a new low, with Donald Trump “electoral colleged” as president, rooting for the Cubs.

LeBron James, whose fingers are in so many pies (so help me a too brief recording singing and ripping the intellectually challenged, but rich PIEman is playing just after I chose the pie maxim for the ubiquitous James), was shown “cheering” far too wildly and alas, prematurely when the Indians’ Raj Davis, dramatically tied the 7th game of the World Series with a 3RHR-bottom 8, that sadly will largely be lost in history, (even for this naysayer/negative/never was–#7 World Series carries significant meaning, heroes such as Babe Adams and Ben Zobrist, the latter one of the few current players I truly admire, emerging in such games 107 years apart.)

Though I rooted against the Cubs and certainly vs Trump, siding with James in defeat, the never ending presence of James, who led the Cavs’ title win with considerable help from Kyrie Irving, truly annoys me no end.

Alas James is a “chosen one,” albeit one prone to the incorrect use of double negatives in his speech, even if he never “titled.” Look at Charles Barkley, a true “hoops non title person,” but any “shot” he takes vs anyone, gets massive, disgusting publicity.

The fact so many athletes get this insane publicity and unbelievable advantages in life while those with limited if any athletic skills such as myself, are discarded is truly sad.



The star of the first World Series that went to a 7th and deciding game was Babe Adams from Bethany, Missouri.

He won 3 games for Pittsburgh which prevailed vs Detroit.

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