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A Comment From Joe Green (Who?)

December 27, 2016


There was a time I watched the title celebrations of any major North American sports’ league team even if the result, yielded massive negative as was the case when the then intensely disliked New York Yankees made it 2 straight W.S. wins vs my then beloved L.A. Dodgers.

I recall Yankees’ stars, Reg Jackson and Thurman Munson, far from the “best of friends,” celebrating together, rightfully “chirping” that again they won vs L.A. and as underdogs.

The late Joe Green, who spent 5 years sans freedom, for “influencing” sports results, via money, NOT force or blackmail, juxtaposed with say Don King, who served less time after beating a man to death, made me feel a bit better a few weeks later when I saw him at Roosevelt Raceway.

My words of lament regarding the dual pain of a Dodgers loss and Yankees’ title were out before saying hello to a man, my father grew to like as he more than paid his so called “debt to society” and more important unlike those most notably the man “Giuseppe Verde” named the “HG” can, that rose in society, tried to help me by telling me to read, dance, learn and get out of the “environment.”

Joe, without batting an eyelash, nor commenting on any plays, managerial decisions or the relative strengths of the Yankees and Dodgers, asked “did you hear Munson and Jackson after the Series? They want to be the favorites, so they can “dump.” Of course even now, I do not believe that to be the case.

Yet a better version might be as favorites we will, somehow lose.

Sadly Munson whom I never liked, but boy did I respectfully fear, died within a year of catching the last out of the ’78 Series, which capped an incredible Yankees’ title season, which will forever haunt and impress me.

Reggie was in his last Yankees’ season, in strike marred baseball 1981. The W.S. matched the Yankees and Dodgers for the 11th and to this point last time, with the Yankees far bigger “9-11,” by the way look up those now famed #’s and see their presence throughout time) favorites than the Dodgers were in either ’77 or ’78.

The Dodgers won the title, winning the last four games.

I no longer watch title celebrations.



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