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The Glut Of Meaningless Bowl Games All On ESPN Rears Its Ugly Head

December 27, 2016

The amount bet is obscene. Additionally, the bettor in question has no talent nor feel, “stepping in” on a Temple team that apparently “shot its load” in ripping Navy. (Oh no, did I say “shot its load” regarding “Chet Kincaid’s” alma mater, his talent I will always respect, Lofton’s as a broadcaster, I do not)

Anyway, though highly unlikely, even if Temple trailing (31-10) at the half, outscores “Wake” by 5 touchdowns, that will not help defeat the “sickness.” for this person.

Any troubled gambler please consult Gambler’s Anonymous or at least take big money out of the equation.

ESPN with its glut of bowl games, played in virtually empty venues, should donate to help troubled gamblers, who are “tortured” by this ridiculous, ongoing bowls garbage.

This is the story. I hope it helps at least one person.

David PurdumESPN Staff Writer

The largest bet on any early bowl game that William Hill’s Nevada sportsbook took was $44,000 on Temple -13. Wake Forest leads Temple 31-7 in the second quarter.



The only “locks” are on doors!! Alas maybe the bettor could afford the stake. Still why not eat steak? I wish I had finances to do so.



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