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Much Less Drama Than Expected In The NFL’s Final Week

December 26, 2016

So much drama has been removed from the final week of the NFL season after this weekend’s results with one game Detroit (a win and they at least make the ‘offs) at Dallas which clinched the NFC one seed when Philly beat “Hack’ Thursday past.

The game in which Green Bay will sojourn to Detroit will decide the NFC North winner, the fourth consecutive season, a head to head battle involving the Pack will do just that.

If Dallas, a six plus point “fave” despite having clinched the “one seed” and thus having no ‘offs or ‘offs seeding incentive, wins vs Det tonight and Wash facing a Giants’ team that will definitely be the NFC “5” seed and has no ‘offs incentive, wins Sunday in a tilt, out of deference to “The Emperor” Joe Buck, was moved to later in the afternoon (say 4:20 Eastern Time) then the GB at Det tilt will be, “win you are in,” (likely as the “4” seed) while a loss would mean not qualifying for the NFL playoffs.

For the second straight season, the game for the NFC North crown and likely playoff qualification for “GB’ and quite possibly “Det,” has been moved to the night with “Alfalfa” (Al Michaels) on NBC.

In future posts I will cite why this has the feel of New Year’s Days past when NBC’s night presentation of the often “all important” Orange Bowl dwarfed that of the day’s other bowl games.



It probably was “unfair,” that Miami University played for and claimed 2 undisputed and one shared mythical college football national titles, in home Orange Bowl games on NBC, after the ’83, (that on Jan 2nd, 1984), ’87 and ’91 seasons.



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