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NFL And Christmas Part 1

December 22, 2016

Certainly none of the endless procession of college bowl games before and I suppose after the two bowl games that serve as semi-final tilts on New Year’s Eve interest me.

Thus my Mildred Dunnock (attention must be paid as she uttered that line/sentiment in both stage and film productions of “Salesman” (i.e. “Death of a Salesman”) admonishment will be via pro football.

The ‘big time” league will play twice on screens and devices on Christmas Day, a far cry from its vow not to do so, after two slots/division games were held on Jesus’ 1971st birthday, a Saturday.

I do not know if the cake for Jesus was inundated with candles but many lights, eyes and rear ends watched and sat for NFL Christmas day tilts then and will do so now.



In a Christmas Day divisional playoff game in 1971, though his team lost, Ed Podolak, played brilliantly.





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