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Recalling Another Saturday Night Dolphins/Jets Tilt, with Ann Margaret “Worrying” About Joe Namath

December 17, 2016

Unlike regarding so much of what is on the air, I try to check my facts before putting them on these posts.

I know it was a Saturday night game and am ALMOST certain, it was the game between the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets, that I researched to have been on October 10, 1970, at which I remember the great and beautiful Ann Margaret, being interviewed or at least talking with Merle Harmon, about Joe Namath.

Margaret had co starred in the movie “C.C. and Company” with Joe Namath and told Harmon, a great broadcaster, she was nervous and worried, watching Joe on the football field.

Much had happened by that time and certainly afterward, indicating a drop in the play of the New York Jets and the often injured Namath, after the team and individual triumph, vs the heavily favored Baltimore Colts in the third Supe played in January, 1969.

That night in 1970, Miami, embarking on a period of greatness under Don Shula, then in his first year coaching the ‘Phins and the coach victimized by the Jets in the aforementioned Supe, won (20-6).

I am sure I have commented on the Jets, Namath, Shula, that and other Supes before and will do so again.

Today, I recall Anne concerned about Joe and my brief meetings with each, classy individual.

I simply said hello to Ms. Margaret once as she sat next to her husband Roger Smith. Ann worried about Joe that night in 1970, but it is her lifelong, ongoing devotion to Mr. Smith before and after his physical setbacks, that are a primer of what marriage can be.

I am not that naieve, and know, not quite from experience, but know it is not easy. They make it happen, and seeing them together, was a nice, moving experience.

Regarding Joe Namath the football player, I have complex feelings that can be cited another time.

When I talked briefly with him in 1988, I asked him not about that third Supe, the one I have “complex” feelings about, but his 4,000 yard passing season, the first one in pro football history back in 1967.

I also cited Namath and the Jets spoiling the then Boston Patriots’ season, exactly  50 years ago (Saturday December 17, 1966), winning (38-28) in the season finale, which was the help the Buffalo Bills needed, to gain a third straight AFL East title.

Joe Namath was impressed that I remembered. Of course I did, just as I remember he, Ms. Margaret and Mr. Smith being so gracious.



Only the great Jimmy Durante gets between Ann Margaret and Roger Smith. Alas who is Roger looking toward? I do not blame him.

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