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Watching The Tonight Show, Also Sky, Pie And Most Of All WHY?!!

December 18, 2016

A wonderful Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, aired last night on Antenna T.V.

Underrated, so called “second banana,” Ed McMahon and John were great working in and around the famed Carson monologue, Ed imploring, at least “strongly suggesting” John “get the golf club,” the signature Carson gesture, that ended the opening monologue, moving the classic show forward.

There were four guests and though I watched last night in dark, bitter, “never made it-time passed, screwed by so many” loneliness, I guess I am fortunate to have had some interaction with all four. Regrettably, I never met either Johnny Carson or Ed McMahon.

The guests were in order of appearance, two women and then two men. Joan Rivers was first, followed by Adrienne Barbeau, 28 years old, when the December 1973 show originally aired.

Two men followed, first comedian Gabe Kaplan, who performed, sat down with the four person panel and got up again, performing what would be considered “politically incorrect” humor today. For the record, and I am not only “LIBERALLLL”- (remember the great Cleavon Little saying the word that way, on “All in the Family”) but abhor racial or ethnic prejudice, the “bit” was/is not only really funny, but not offensive to me.

This is tricky ground and though discussed on the show 43 years ago and now without any true answer, just opinion.

A wonderful, brilliant, “live life” man, George Plimpton was the final guest.

What become ominous recollections include Carson asking “Joannie” would she ever get plastic surgery and the mention of author Philip Roth.

Roth wrote a book of fiction about a true bigot, far beyond being politically incorrect, yet an “American” (though she “dumped” me, a former girlfriend and citizen of Canada, pointed out the arrogance of the U.S. calling itself AMerica, when so many other countries inhabit the Americas) hero, Charles Lindbergh, becoming president.

Now, barring a miracle decision by electoral college voters tomorrow, it is just over a month until a man, on some level a hero, as he built skyward–(Lindbergh did accomplish the greater deed, also skyward, flying non stop from New York to Paris in 1927, a year someone I know, who has as much to give as a lizard, was born) who if not a bigot himself, (his father was a “slumlord”) certainly has been backed by so many that are, officially goes toward the sky again, ascending to the U.S. presidency.

For that sobering reality and many others, I look to the sky and ask WHY?!!





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