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ESPN “First Take” Is Unbearable

December 17, 2016

Molly Oerin is the least offensive of the trio that inhabits the very dangerous and “lower than low” standards territory of the ESPN show, “First Take.”

When one as arrogant and opinionated as retread Max Kellerman, is completely dwarfed in that department by Steven A. Smith, (trust me in the not too distant future, when scientists look back trying to determine what destroyed this society’s integrity, setting it spiraling backwards, Mr. Smith will be among the “exhibit A’s”), one knows they are in dangerous territory.

However, facts are facts, it was Ms. Oerin messing up 2 for 2 on Thursday’s show. First, she could not read the copy correctly or some such thing, thinking Sunday’s NFL games were being previewed. Instead it was last night’s Seattle vs Los Angeles game.

Note Seattle VS Los Angeles, meaning the game was IN Seattle. One would have thought the tilt, a mismatch, boring game worthy of Mike Tirico (why is he getting to “broadcast” any games?) was in L.A. Why?

Ms. Oerin read, (heaven forbid she do any homework), the Rams are HOSTING the Seahawks.



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