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Some “CERTAIN” Division Winner Houston (Texans) Turned Out To Be

December 7, 2016

I have not seen any updated odds regarding winning the AFC South Division of the National “Fixed,” whoops, Football League.

However with three teams tied for the lead with “stellar” (6-6) records surely the Houston Texans called more or less certain division winners by WFAN personalities Joe Boningo and Evan Roberts 15 days ago, are no longer 2 to 1 favorites as was the case when the two “on air” “say what they want, without regard to perspective,” personalities made another extreme statement that already makes them look like the fools, albeit well paid ones they are.

Alas as is always the case, (I must have looked at a burning bush somewhere in time to yield this “suffering”) they and others far worse (see or hear, actually do not unless you listen to get his arrogant forecast and then go against it), Mike Francesa will continue to make extreme statements and face no consequences when they are wrong.

I have a put a link to my post regarding Roberts and Boningo matter-of-factly saying “the Texans will win the division,” below.

Now of course they still can win the division. My point was they were not certain to win the division, at the time Roberts and Boningo said that they were.

When reading me or when I did a cable show, each in a veritable desert, especially compared to all powerful WFAN, another windmill I fought but of course could not stop, I put things in perspective. The same can not be said for almost all those currently polluting the airwaves!

Truly, the opinionated without perspective or restraint, have “run” the veritable “asuylum” that is sports media for a long time, and soon will again head the government, of this most powerful, but truly underachieving country.

Click below to view my comments after Roberts and Boningo declared the Houston Texans certain division winners on November 22, 2016.

More Ridiculous Sweeping Predictions On WFAN



The only “locks” are on doors or similar items, NOT in forecasting sports or as it turns out, electoral college results.

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