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More Ridiculous Sweeping Predictions On WFAN

November 23, 2016

While I often “rail’ vs football and mean it, the NFL set up and regular season is done correctly and often provides intrigue, as the games remaining dwindle in number.

Thus I will at times, trust me rarely if ever, tune in WFAN, as I did yesterday.

Simply put, “here we go again,” with definitive statements regarding future outcomes, this time by WFAN personalities, Evan Roberts and Joe Boningo.

They declared the Houston Texans will win the AFC South Division. Their assertion was one of certainty.

I know they the Texans are (6-4), the Colts (5-5) and the Titans (5-6). I also know the Colts without Andrew Luck, Turkey Day night, are 9 point home underdogs vs the Steelers.

Additionally, the Texans are one and a half point home underdogs vs the Chargers.

What really tells me how much they have lost perspective, again declaring the favored outcome of a Houston division title a certainty (i.e.-they WILL win their division) is the fact they are only 2 and one quarter to one favorites to win the division. That also is the house line and thus the real probability is at best, two to one.

Put it this way, they are not certain division winners. I do not know Luck’s status for future games but they said it was certain, not even sure Luck would not play Thursday.

It is typical of sports talk radio. I try to have perspective and do, while invariably the talk radio hosts, commentators on games and of course most people, do not.




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