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For Perspective, I Am Happy To Point Out And Show A Factual Error By Vin Scully,

December 6, 2016

Below you will find a link to Vin Scully’s recollections of the 1965 World series.

There is much good information there, as one would expect from a fine broadcaster such as Scully.

However, there is a factual error, one that easily could have been avoided, with some more homework or fact checking.

In this year the retiring Scully, in my opinion, got a bit too much praise and far too many declarations of being the best ever, I point out the following mistake.

Commenting on character “Chauncey Gardner” nearly walking on water in “Being There,” author Jerzy Kosinski said if anyone might be able to do so, it would be one as pure, as the of course fictional, “Gardner.”

Scully, as is the case with the rest of us, does not “walk on water.”

It was John Kennedy and NOT Ken McMullen, (the latter was traded by the Dodgers  before the 1965 season), who came in as a defensive replacement, in the 9th inning of game 7 of the 1965 World Series.

Click below to hear Mr. Scully say it was McMullen at about the 3 minute, 47 second mark, of an otherwise accurate account of the ’65 W.S. and Dodgers’ season.

Vin Scully recounts the 1965 World Series

Click below to view the evidence.

1965 World Series Game 7 Box Score – Baseball Almanac






Vin Scully, a great, but not perfect, and in my opinion, not the greatest broadcaster,  pictured above.

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