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Luke Warm NFL Predictions

December 4, 2016

First of all, how pathetic I am in not only going (0-6), vs the great Alabama team ,but in not seeing Penn State outright vs Wisconsin, which was lucky to win the Big Ten title tilt vs Iowa last season.

Also why not vs Clemson, which very likely will be in the 4 team ‘off, but won by 7 as 11 point favorites vs virginia Tech in the ACC title tilt last night.

Only one loser/loser/ underdog vs a winner/winner/favorite this week.

That is in the Jim Nantz tilt, his beloved Houston getting say six plus points at Green Bay. Why that game (6-5) Houston (so help me, on NPR singer Rizzo said she went to the “U” of HOUSTON just as I typed HOUSTON) at (5-6) Green Bay and not for example, (8-3) K.C. at (7-4) Atlanta?

The reason is Nantz gets what he wants, the allure of Lambeau Field (who cares! and I love tradition but not at the expense of going in what is a more important game matching teams with a significantly better combined record) and his beloved Houston.

I will give slight nods to both the Chiefs now getting only 4 points, I took 6, and the Lions getting say 7 at New Orleans. Both favorites can score in a pinball machine type manner, so as always be careful!



Try the “dogs.”

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