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Alabama VS Washington, Clemson Vs Ohio State In The “Semis”

December 5, 2016

As it turned out what I thought as I went to sleep Saturday night with Penn State behind (21-7), (they actually trailed Wisconsin (28-7), but rallied to win), did manifest.

It will be Alabama vs Washington and Ohio State vs Clemson in the “semis,” of the 4 team playoff that will determine the 2016 season college football national champion.

As discussed yesterday, the selection committee in my opinion got it right in denying Penn State a spot in the ‘offs, despite beating Ohio State and winning the Big Ten. They had 2 losses, while Ohio State had but one.

Additionally Ohio State won at powerful Oklahoma and certainly on paper, is a better team.

I just about hit the opening lines on the New Year’s Eve day and night semis. As I thought going to sleep Saturday, (alone one thinks about those things, not other. Alas, despite some good non dating site “efforts,” including one meeting a beautiful, vibrant woman in an elevator, I fear I will be alone on New Year’s Eve-(will I watch?) Ohio State opened as a 3 point favorite vs higher seed Clemson.

I thought Alabama, which “buried” me all season going (6-0) vs my predictions and (10-2) vs the spread would be 14 point “faves” vs Washington. The Tide opened as 15 point favorites.




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