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Beano Cook Would Have Said Ohio State And Washington Because They Had One Loss, NOT TWO

December 4, 2016

The late college football expert Beano Cook is clearly relevant, concerning the college football overview and the decision today, as to whom will be in the 4 team playoff, an entity Mr. Cook opposed.

Still reeling from the election results and a supporter of Barack Obama, I do agree with Beano, one who opposed Mr. Obama, that both the 4 team playoff and Mr. Obama’s support thereof are things I oppose.

In addition to myriad mistakes, CBS commentator Gary Danielson forgot to mention, even once, the most important reason Ohio State could, and I believe should be ahead of Penn State, despite the fact Penn State won both the Big Ten crown and the head to head meeting.

That is the fact Ohio State has one loss and Penn State has two. Beano would have agreed and not just because with Pitt “roots,” he was decidedly anti-Penn State.



Beano pictured above would have “destroyed” his bookie this season, cashing bets this season on “anti team” Penn State to go “over” in wins, make and win the Big Ten title and would be “alive” with an unfortunately realistic shot at making the 4 team playoff.

God (up there talking with Beano), only knows the odds on Penn State winning it all, but though Beano would have “let it ride,” anyone with Penn state to win it all could hedge a bit and gain something.

One more thing, God might be aware of the many good things I do. Certainly I hope so. However, Beano on God’s agenda because of Penn State, has pointed at me saying what he said on earth.

He is a good guy but like the “water torture.” It is “water torture,” as since Beano died in the middle of the 2012 season, I could have altered how close the Sword of Damocles/poverty is to me, by betting his anti teams, Penn State and Notre Dame the “right way.”

As Beano always said “you have to be willing to lose.” I remain many days late and so, so many dollars short and likely always will.

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