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NFL Predictions

November 27, 2016

A fourth post,  perhaps in honor of true greats who wore #4, Lou Gehrig, Jean Beliveau and Bobby Orr.

Two predictions on later games, as the one P.M. tilts have commenced.

In those SF leading (7-0) as a  touchdown  “dog,” and “Jax” also leading (7-0), as a 9 point underdog, fit the loser/loser/underdog “system.”

I predict Tampa Bay, though an upset winner last week, to at least and in my opinion, only cover vs 5 plus point favorite Seattle.

Kenny Albert “covers” his childhood team for a second straight week, Sea 19 TB 16, in a battle of 1976 expansion teams.

At night, sadly with Mike Tirico, not Al Michaels presiding, KC plus three and a half is my choice in what I predict to be a field goal game either way.



Dogs will look good today.

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