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“Man Bites Dog” Rare Praise For Someone/Something, ESPN/ABC

November 27, 2016

Maybe I feel a bit guilty about my rage. Maybe there is little I can do in any case. Maybe it is the old saying if you can’t beat them, join them. Finally maybe a rarity occurred and I will cite two good notes/comments emerging from someone/something ESPN/ABC.

I give Chris Fowler, still nowhere near a skilled play by play person but rarely one that offensive, credit for a really good comment/line. He “quipped” well in the dramatic second overtime of Ohio State’s eventual victory against Michigan.

When the officials after review, did not overturn a call giving Ohio State a “crucial” (for the game’s result) (when I walked into the hospital in the middle of the night March 8, 1994 into March 9th and was told my father’s condition, I learned what “crucial” really means) first down based on the “spot,” Fowler intoned, correctly and with good wit, “there was not enough evidence to change the call based on the “spot” not in this SPOT (more or less it decided the game!).

Also below a good note on

“Every team that played tonight was on a back-to-back”

Trust me, teams playing back to back games in the NBA (i.e. on consecutive nights) are at a disadvantage.



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