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James Brown “Mistakes” Again

November 28, 2016

Harvard graduate and CBS football studio person,  James Brown, whose incompetence over the years has stirred emotions  invoking Pandora’s Box, “bothered” me and should have had the same effect on you, as he erred concerning the eventual Oakland Raiders’ “on the number,” 3 point win vs the Carolina Panthers.

After the Patriots near, but no cover, win vs the New York Jets, Brown “sent” the television audience that had viewed that tilt, with the ever improving Greg Gumbel, to Oakland dispensing inaccurate information.

Brown stated the Panthers had scored 25 consecutive points to tie the game when in fact, their 25 consecutive points gave them a (32-24) lead, (a 4 to 3 ratio to throw in something irrelevant), only to have Oakland tie the tilt, with a touchdown and 2 point conversion.

During the 1987 NBA Finals, Brown made a mistake that indicated he had no knowledge nor appreciation of NBA history. It was about the most inaccurate sports related statement I have heard and there have been innumerable ones, causing me agony in the many years I have watched, listened and suffered following sports.

Interviewing actor Jack Nicholson, Brown said you were a fan of the (L.A.) Lakers back in 1972 when they were losing.

The 1972 Lakers set a record that still stands with 33 consecutive victories, a then record (69-13) record and their first L.A. title.



Yes they happen but you are paid a ton of money to do what other poor souls (really another “s” word fits and it is schmucks) do for “nada” and Brown could not keep track of one of three late games, just two on CBS, which somehow has made him rich all these years. Pandora’s Box indeed!

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