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Comments, For Better Or Worse I Have Comments, Not Just On Ohio State’s “No Cover” Win “Over” Michigan

November 27, 2016

While Ohio State coach Urban Meyer played to win, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh played not to lose.

Based on that alone, predictably Ohio State bet against from a 6 plus point favorite to say 5, won (30-27) in 2 overtimes.

Twice Meyer and Ohio State went for and converted fourth down plays, as late as the fourth quarter, the second preceding Curtis Samuels’ game winning, 15 yard scamper for a touchdown in the second overtime.

Conversely, more than twice, Harbaugh’s team ran on second down and reasonably long on fourth quarter Michigan possessions, that resulted in  “three and out,”  with a precarious three point lead.



Though Michigan lost, in my opinion largely due to Meyer clearly out coaching Harbaugh (Harbaugh like Meyer a bit of a jerk, only more so, as are most highly successful football coaches and authoritarian figures, blamed the officials. “Good” sportsmanship there.), they are very good. Additionally Harbaugh is a very good  coach, though not in his strategy yesterday.

Additionally, “Hail to the spread winners/over the total winners” could play (the great Michigan song is “Hail to the Victors,” in this case not quite the Wolverines themselves, but their bettors and over bettors) as a still clutch, despite the team’s loss, Wilton Speight to Amora Darboh, 4th down, 5 yard touchdown pass in the first overtime and subsequent extra point tied the game.

The 6 point touchdown  made the score (24-23) Ohio State pulling a “dead in the water” over 44 total (the score stood (3-0) mid second quarter) “OVER” 44 points and making Michigan plus 5 or 6, a likely and eventual winner.

Failure to convert that play amidst the roaring crowd in “Red State” Ohio, in this battle of two states that shamefully voted for Trump, (maybe if the students and younger people had their priorities correct concerning football juxtaposed with this nation’s future, the impending wave of minimum, conservatism, and maybe/likely eroding civil rights and increased racism could have been avoided) would have meant Ohio State “covering” in an “under.” Instead, they no covered in an” over.”

Maybe I go too far  in my criticism. One thing, however, is assured. I do so with the biggest criticism reserved for me.

I wasted my life, more as an exponentially intense fan, than as one who wagered currency on football outcomes. Money can be recovered, (I “hold my own” and for the record, profited a small bit on that Michigan first overtime touchdown and was rooting for Ohio State to win the game. I “lost” a “free bet” on Michigan to win outright. Most important, each and every day I battle to not bet any significant emotional or financial amount), TIME CAN NOT.

Finally, as long posts often with political rants (perhaps not appropriate here for a reason or two. At least, I watch my language. While Mr. Trump’s actions/statements regarding what he did or thinks ok to do regarding women, are deplorable (that word again, to the loser writing this goes the thesaurus as well) Keith Olberman’s rage, clearly rage I support, included some questionable and yes offensive language in referring to “face it,” the next United States president) have replaced 3 a day (the latter the case for over 300 days, in horrible 2016), a veritable “offensive to some, questionable quality” over quantity, I lament so much in my life.

If one person can be saved “the slings and arrows” of rooting destruction, I will have contributed something positive. If that manifests, at long last some good will have been derived from my abject failure!

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