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NFL Predictions

November 20, 2016

Last week the predictions were (3-0) but one game Seattle vs New England was not a complete loser/loser/ underdog game, as Seattle had won, but not covered in its previous game, that vs Buffalo.

Three such games this week, but not as predictions.

The loser/loser/underdog vs winner/winner/favorite games are below.

Chicago plus six and a fraction points, vs the Giants.

Jacksonville plus 6 vs Detroit. you know the NFL wants as attractive a Detroit/Minnesota tilt as possible for Thursday. It does not always work that way!

Green Bay which knocked the Redskins from the playoffs last season, is getting 3 points at Washington. Remember it is “Wash” at Dallas on Thursday.

By the way, I know I knock Al Michaels, but please do not let Mike Tirico “broadcast” even one prime time game. Lay off the scotch, Al, stay healthy. Your guy, at least your ideology is back in the White House, so relax.

Why would I care so much about a man who is both a micro and macro disappointment? I can not deal with Tirico, who probably has my political ideology, but should never have ascended to the broadcasting heights, he has achieved.

This one is a prediction. The Eagles plus six and a half points at Seattle. I think they will win outright.

One more pick is the Vikings minus one and a half, vs the Arizona Cardinals.



It can never be solved in 28 minutes as was portrayed in “Leave It To Beaver” pictured above.

Nor can it be solved by hatred, bigotry and exclusion!

P.S. On my honor I thought this was posted before the early games. It is “up” as of 4:39 P.M.


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