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No Line: Alabama Took It Easy Vs Tennessee Chatanooga

November 20, 2016

I searched “high and low” for a betting line on yesterday’s Alabama vs Tennessee Chattanooga game, but could not find one.

Of course, there is no way Alabama, which won (31-3) in a tune up for Auburn next week, covered any spread, real or hypothetical, in that mismatch.

Thus I have picked vs Alabama 5 times and lost all 5 times.

The Tide, the only major unbeaten team and defending champion should be and dare I say will be in the 4 team playoff, even if they lose vs Auburn or in the SEC title tilt.



As stated the other day, there are no “locks” especially when touted by WFAN’s Mike Francesa.

Yet, more powerful than Francesa’s arrogance often being wrong, is my liking a game, not “predicting” it and then it wins. On the subway last night, the “phone” showed the Alabama score and the frustration grew.

If you do not bet, DO NOT START!

P.S. I am fine with it, but must note it to stay that way.


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