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Teams Playing On Turkey Day Went (6-0) (6-0) The Sunday (Yesterday) Before

November 21, 2016

I am truly sorry about the predictions post going up late, not for the (1-1) or (2-3) record, though I was sloppy regarding Seattle/Philadelphia, as the latter had won vs Atlanta, the week before.

It is important you know, I noted the NFL wanting the teams to be playing on “Turkey Day,” to win the week before. Essentially I did so, warning “it does not always work out that way.”

No it does not always work out that way,  but boy did it ever yesterday, as all six teams to be involved in Turkey day tilts, won and covered the spread.

For the record, Dallas minus 7, went to (9-1) winning by 10 points vs Baltimore, which is now (5-5).

“Wash” is (6-3-1) after ripping disappointing (4-6) Green Bay, (the Pack the only one of the 13 weekend underdogs to be “KO’d” in its “teaser.”).

Wash minus three won (42-24). For that matter only the day’s big upset, Tampa Bay going to (5-5) plus 7, by 2 at now (7-3) K.C. (Chiefs) produced another game in which a “teaser” was KO’d. Also that was one of only two games in which the underdog won outright, the other was the (5-5) Bills, a scant 2 point “dog” winning at (3-6-1) Cincy, whose coach Marvin Lewis, will finally be fired after the season. It is not all his fault, but you can not fire the team as the old saying goes. (Does the saying travel?).

More results and details in a later post.





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