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In Praise Of The New York City Police Department Announcement And Diligence

November 12, 2016

Remember the fruit salad price, it is well known the cost to park a car (no big, vision blocking, air polluting larger vehicles for me) in NYC is exorbitant.

Perhaps I am crazy, but I wait in my car, often freezing or at least quite cold, as was the case last night, for the parking spot to be legal and “hoof it,” the distance needed to reach my destination.

Last night that destination, “crossed paths” with the demonstrations protesting the upset victory of Donald Trump.

Another Beano saying was “you can’t have it both ways” and since I of course, believe in their right to protest, my “re routing,” on a cold night adding to an already long walk, was? not to be complained about.

I heard a recorded, even keeled voice, (not even with a New York accent, he, while not John Gielgud, sounded better than me), state in a non threatening way, the “need” for the protesters, not to block the street and stay in a designated area.

Maybe I missed my call as a diplomat, as I without fail have always made it a point to directly praise at least one, or a group of NYC officers, for their diligence, when faced with these assignments, at times offering either a hot or cold drink (they graciously do not accept), depending on the weather.

Kudos to their decision and recorded announcement, and if you think it is easy for me to admit, think again!

Hillary Clinton certainly provided myself and others, with an example of “great sportsmanship,” in this volatile, to say the least, week.



Oh it is complicated and there is a long way to go, but as I a lone figure with strong feelings far beyond the past election, walked on a cold night, the macro world in upheaval rivaling my micro, it was nice to see the police and hear their well meaning, recorded message.



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