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More Buck/Fox Vs TBS Notes

October 24, 2016

Fox with Joe Buck has telecast five “even year” LCS in “competition” with TBS.

Those were in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and this season.

Three times, 2012, 2014 and this season the Fox/Buck LCS has gone more games than its counterpart on TBS.

Both LCS in 2010 were decided in six games while the aforementioned Maddon over Francona 2008 (Tampa Bay Rays over Boston) ALCS telecast by TBS is the only one of the ten in the competition to have lasted more games than its Fox/Buck counterpart.

Meanwhile the Fox/Buck LCS winner (8-1) in the previous nine subsequent World Series, included the three S.F. Giants’ titles 2010 S,F. Giants vs Texas (Rangers), 2012 Giants vs the Tigers, and 2014 version vs the Royals.

Perhaps there will be another TBS win, if so this time Francona’s team will have to beat Maddon’s to provide a second such win in this the 10th year of the “competition.”





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