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Sleepless In Among Other Things, World Series Thoughts

October 25, 2016

Tonight on the 30th anniversary of the New York Mets’ incredible victory in game 6 of the 1986 World Series, a surely “related” World Series to be contested between two franchises with long World Series winning droughts, the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians commences in Cleveland.

It is the first time in nine major sports league finals series involving Cleveland teams, that said series is beginning on the city’s Lake Erie shores.

Today after a long, “tough to sleep” night, as the blood begins to circulate, I hope to bring some perspective and notes to the World Series, an historic one I hope to embrace though one of, if not the biggest reason for my deprived sleep, is sports.

That is especially so regarding baseball, the best of them, as for many reasons it has become a symbol of betrayal to me.

However, I will take both you the reader and myself back with some notes and connections that rattled in my brain as I “tossed and I guess turned.” One last knock, you think Joe Buck would know what I will impart in posts later this day?!

Also this in fairness, yesterday I called Jack Buck over rated and in my opinion he was. That does not mean he was not at least good, if not very good. He approached excellence with a rooting interest, locally as the St. Louis Cardinals’ lead announcer.

Not in Seattle, but sleepless, I turned to a recording of some moments from the great decisive game of the 1980 NLCS won by the Philadelphia Phillies vs the Houston Astros.

Among them were two excellent on the play, “swing and a base hit” calls of home team Houston players Denny Walling and Jose Cruz run scoring base hits, by Jack Buck, one of the CBS Network announcers.

God works in mysterious ways especially so when access to past recordings are available and one pops them on in an effort to induce sleep.


Image result for an affair to remember quotes

Paraphrasing the “Edward G.” (Robinson) character in “The Cincinnati Kid” as my opinion of the relative merits of two similar themed films, “Sleepless in Seattle” was good, but “An Affair To Remember” with Deborah Kerr (pronounced Car as in star) and Cary Grant pictured above in a scene from that film, was better.



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