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Likely “Sour Grapes,” But 19 World Series And Counting For Joe Buck Is Not A Pleasant Reality

October 24, 2016

Are you ready to overdose on “AndyB” statistics and notes? Some are here, but  amidst harsh criticism of two highly successful broadcasters, one “off the charts,” in terms of opportunities and while I acknowledge my frustration at the juxtaposition with me, I truly believe, as a great follower of sports and broadcasting greats, it is important to write. After that, “play ball,” in an interesting World Series.

I will also editorialize, surely big part “sour grapes,” to say in any sane realm, Joe Buck, whom I do not think of as more than average in ability, about to broadcast his 19th World Series is an example of “the lucky sperm club” gone wild.

Who is this guy, to be afforded such broadcasting riches?

The gods like this guy.

For example, in 10 years of “competition” vs TBS, Buck and Fox are the resounding winners in two categories and the “lesser of two evils,” in another.

The Fox/Buck LCS has gone longer than its TBS counterpart, 6 times including this season. The two series were the same length, six games on three occasions. Only once, in 2008, when current Chicago Cubs’ manager Joe Maddon’s Tampa Bay Rays won in 7 games, vs current Cleveland Indians’ manager Terry Francona’s Boston Red Sox, did the TBS LCS go longer, than the Buck/Fox series.

Additionally, the winner of the Buck/Fox series is (8-1) vs the winner of the TBS series in the subsequent “Joe Buck” World Series. The lone exception, the team “lucky sperm” Buck grew up watching his dad, the vastly over rated, Jack Buck broadcast, the St. Louis Cardinals’ incredible 2011 W.S. win, vs the hard luck Texas Rangers.

Now you know why I call him “the emperor.” He “rules,” but not in any good sense.

However, compared to another “lucky spermer,” Ernie Johnson Jr., whose dad Ernie Johnson was a terrific announcer, Buck is the lesser of two evils.

Forgive the crude terminology (I am worried about “sperm” being crude, given what is said on television and radio, never mind the internet) but some sperm travels better and further than others. I wish from a “keep my sanity and some standards of broadcasting acumen alive,” point of view, that Mr. and Mrs. Buck, and Mr. and Mrs Johnson, and others never met.

One more thing. Is this classy on my part? Probably not.

However, let me have called one World Series, never mind 19 and trust me I would at least attempt real play by play, something Johnson can not do at all and “The Emperor” can fake a bit, and I will take the criticism and maybe even, unlike Buck or Johnson, learn from it.

A better thought. Joe Buck has been the lead announcer on 19 World Series, as of the start of the upcoming one. Proven, excellent broadcasters, Bob Costas and Sean McDonough have called two and a half and two respectively.



Maybe I did in a not very “cute” version above. I wish peace, especially for myself!

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