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Comments On My Predictions

October 17, 2016

I would say pretty good on the NFL predictions as they were (3-2), highlighted by almost calling the exact score in the Lions/Rams tilt.

On my worst prediction, the Bills rout of the Niners, the “flag football” pun/comment yielded an over.

Oh did the Browns (0-6), (3-3) try hard to cover in their loss at Tennessee and they did.

New England is (5-1) (5-1) scoring late to “KO” Cincy teasers, but at least they did not pass on the touchdown play as “Pitts” and Ben Roethlisberger did the week before to “KO” Jets’ teasers.

So the next week, one of my picks, Miami scores an outright win vs “Pitts” and Roethlisberger was injured and will miss next week’s tilt vs New England.

Obviously anything can happen, but that tilt has lost some luster. After 6 out of 6 weeks staying in watching this “stuff,” I truly want to change that next week.



Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert pictured left to right from the television show, “Green Acres.”

Despite some prescience, there was no “GREEN” in my predictions.

In the “Green Acres” theme song and show, Eva’s Lisa wants “Times Square,” while Mr. Albert’s “Oliver” craves “fresh air.”

Next week I vow to get one, if not both and avoid football.

Oh, but wait, what if the NLCS goes to a 7th game. That would be next Sunday night. More on that, in my next post.

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