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Cleveland Up (2-0) In The ALCS, Against The Jays

October 17, 2016

The Cleveland Indians scored only two runs in each game, however, with Francisco Lindor having the game winning hit in each and with dominant pitching, the “Lake Erie” team has a (2-0) lead in a series as late as the LCS, for the first time in their history.

It is the second straight season the Blue Jays are down (2-0) in the ALCS, after losing Friday night and late Saturday afternoon tilts, all completed before any game was played in the NLCS, both years involving the Chicago Cubs.

In 7 ALCS appearances, the Jays have played night and then day games within less than 24 hours, six times with either the Jays’ opponent (three times) or the Jays (twice) going up two games to none.

Toronto which won 5 of 6 ALCS road games, including all 3 at “Chi,” vs the White Sox in 1993, en route to 2 straight world series victories (’92 and ’93) has now lost 5 straight ALCS road games.




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