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Dodgers/Cubs At (1-1) Notes

October 17, 2016

Unfortunately, we may be in for a classic NLCS (do not rule one out in the A.L., as Toronto is returning home, albeit, down 2 games to none) as the Dodgers won (1-0) behind Clayton Kershaw (suddenly L.A. once (1-5) in such games, has won 4 straight Kershaw postseason starts, three this season and three counting last year’s game 4 vs the Mets in the division series, a win for this near great pitcher) and Kenley Jansen’s pitching with an Adrian Gonzalez home run, providing the game’s only scoring.

It figures that Gonzalez’ no pressure, early game (top 2) home run proved decisive, while his clutch two out, two run hit vs flame throwing Aroldis Chapman (top 8) the night before, was wasted.

That was because Miguel Montero hit the first ever NLCS pinch grand slam home run, giving the Cubs a (7-3) lead in an (8-4) opening game win.

The Dodgers ended a nine game NLCS road losing streak encompassing 4 such series, the first three losing ones, going (0-2) at Philly in ’08, (0-3) at Philly (vs the Phillies of course),in ’09 and (0-3) at “St. Loo” vs the Cardinals in 2013. Add the game 1 loss to the Cubs in this yet to be determined series, and it was a nine game loss skein L.A. ended last night.

Conversely the Cubs have now lost all 5 of their Sunday NLCS games. The first four came in NLCS losses, the decisive game 5 loss at San Diego vs the Padres in ’84, a loss that put them in a (3-1) hole in the penultimate NBC game from its glorious game/week package at “S.F” vs the Giants in ’89, a shutout loss to the great postseason pitcher Josh Beckett at Florida, to keep the eventual World Series winning Marlins alive in game 5 in ’03, and to the Mets in game 2 last year, when the Cubs were swept out.



An additional note sent by a distinguished reader, Michael Strauss is below.


#Dodgers deal #Cubs their 1st shutout home loss in the post-season since Gm1 of the 1918 World Series vs BOS (Babe Ruth the winning pitcher).


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