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NFL Predictions and Comments

October 16, 2016

The operative word is nice, as in it would be nice to improve on my (13-6-2) record on my predictions, thus far this season. (One of my “ties” was on the second consecutive Green Bay “minus seven” win by 7, last week vs the “Hack” Giants, a team somehow with as many Supe wins as the Packers and Patriots).

However, it also applies to the nice weather, with a better goal for today to get out, and be somewhat active in that nice weather.

For the record, 6 games fit the “system.” I will suggest on all five. Just the lines and my scores as predictions. Of course I made some!!

New England favored by 8 points, wins (30-23) vs the Cincy Bengals.

I say the Cleveland Browns a touchdown plus underdog, win outright (20-19) at Tennessee vs the Titans.

The Pittsburgh Steelers favored by 7 plus, edge the Miami Dolphins (19-16).

Really shaky nod to the L.A. Rams, a 3 point underdog, at Detroit (Lions) buy, pay extra, plus three and a half, a field goal game either way, say (30-27).

It will be high scoring, “flag” football (pun intended), as Colin Kaepernick and S.F. will get you the cash, (really that is what counts most in this country, try saying you stood or did not stand for the national anthem as currency, next time you enter a financial institution, and you may be headed for another “institution”) as he starts at quarterback, vs the 9 point favorite, Buffalo Bills. My score: Bills 34  49ers 27.

If you think the above is out of line, I do not apologize, but will on the next one.

In 1992, luckily for me I missed the play on which Dennis Byrd, a New York Jets’ lineman was severely injured, having left the game, after interviewing Marty Glickman and others at the game. (I am still hurt by the arrogant Bill Parcells’ refusal to be interviewed concerning a Giants’ great, Marty Glickman. I also recall him saying that day (late November) the Buffalo Bills were 3 touchdowns better than any NFC team, maybe even specifying the Dallas Cowboys, (I will give him the benefit of the doubt, that he did not). That year’s Supe: Dallas 52 Buffalo 17.).

The next week the Jets ‘inspired” by the horrible circumstances concerning Byrd, upset, you guessed it the Buffalo Bills.

Today news came that Dennis Byrd died in an auto crash. I apologize for relating tragedy and football results, which itself, is near tragic.

No disrespect intended, the Jets fit the system. 7 plus point favorite, Arizona Cardinals 21 New York Jets 17.



William Daniels, pictured above as “Captain Nice.”



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