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Exactly 28 Years Since Kirk Gibson’s World Series Game 1 Home Run

October 15, 2016

Today is the exact 28 year anniversary of the Dodgers’ game 1 win in the 1988 World series.

On Saturday October 15, 1988, the L.A. team rode the injured Kirk Gibson’s 2 out, 2 run home run to a series key (5-4) victory. They went on to upset the Oakland A’s, winning the title in 5 games.

Last Monday, Bob Costas, who was at the game doing “before and after” work cited the “great calls” by both Vin Scully and Jack Buck as network announcers.

Below listen to a truly great call by Don Drysdale on Dodgers’ radio. I have included one of just “Big D” audio, the second is video of the dramatic Gibson blast with bits of Scully and Buck after Drysdale. I also have included a comment from a “viewer,” with which I truly concur.



Many likened the home run by Gibson to the one in the movie, “The Natural.” Of course it was a different ending in the book.

Click below for audio and video of Gibson’s home run (#1,’88 W.S.)

Don Drysdale’s call of Gibson home run

Don Drysdale 1988 Broadcast

This is audio of Don Drysdale’s radio broadcast of Kirk Gibson’s historic game winning home run. Vin Scully and Jack Buck both did the TV version for their respective networks. Both got rave reviews for their renditions, but I’m sure the masses never heard Drysdale’s, whose version IMO is as good as Scully’s and Buck’s.

As stated before, I agree with what is written above.


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