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Russo Mistakes Akin To Stones Thrown At Glass Houses

October 15, 2016

MLB Network’s Christopher Russo, again, someone to a degree, I have accepted, as an often needed, critical, albeit many times irresponsible, “voice” in sports, had just finished excoriating “Wash” pitcher Max Scherzer for not doing his job, when he reeled off three factual mistakes.

The mistakes were more offensive than usual (by the way, John Smoltz and Matt Vasgersian, the Fox Sports “talent” made more factual mistakes, than the Giants used pitchers in their fateful season ending 9th inning. Problem: While the Giants and even their 3 time title winning manager, Bruce Bochy get disproportionate criticism, little or none is leveled at Smoltz and Vasgersian, who are facing no “opposition,” i.e. the other team, save being unprepared or sloppy) as Russo said he would not be paid, if he did not do his job.

I will not comment on money given Scherzer or Russo save to say regarding Russo, and countless others in broadcasting, I paraphrase the great comedian Pat Cooper, and say I can be just as bad (actually far better, at least concerning facts) and would take “far, far” (Dickens again, and seeing/suffering through Russo and his ilk is Dickensian suffering) less money.

Anyway Mr. Russo the Dodgers were 8 to 5 favorites, you said the Nationals were pretty big favorites.

For years on the radio, I “suffered” as Russo reeled off factual mistake after factual mistake. Two more from yesterday, the O’s at Shea Stadium obviously tied game 4 (1969 W.S.) in the TOP, NOT the bottom of the ninth inning.

Additionally, Ron Swoboda’s great catch on which the O’s tied game 4 of the 1969 World Series, actually 47 years ago today, (maybe that is why I waited to point out Russo’s mistakes) was with Orioles’ (the O’s) runners on first and third, NOT the bases loaded, as Russo stated.

I also think Mr.Scherzer is vastly overpaid, but in my wildest dreams, I could not do what he does. That is not the case, concerning Mr. Russo.



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