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Roll Tide, Texas A&M Next, Will That Be Another CBS “Over?”

October 16, 2016

Despite being so far off in my college pig prediction, as Alabama routed Tennessee, there were at least two good things about the outcome.

First of all, my pick with the score, indicated over and for the 7th time in as many “Lundquist farewell” games thus far this season, the total points exceeded the “Las Vegas/other places,” projected points scored.

Additionally after the audience was subjected to “aw shucks,” Peyton Manning, openly rooting for Tennessee, the Tide routing them, was almost worth being wrong.

Manning was a “non winner” in SEC play,epitomized by his (0-4) record vs Florida.



Let’s put it this way, when a “would be” Alabama back named (Bo) Scarborough (the way “Bama” recruits, he probably will be the next Johnny Musso (there’s a name) or better, raced 85  yards for a touchdown, that put the combined score “over” the total, I rooted for it.

Below, and I will remind you where to click, will be “The O’Jays’ “Love Train” which talked of “getting aboard.” Alas I never seem to, but as “non reader” “Stone” often reminds me, “that man who took the train,” is not around any longer, has not been for a long time.

Again, best advice regarding “this,” DO NOT START, but if you do, please do so in moderation. Sure it hurts to see something like this “over” streak and have as Jackie Gleason’s “Ralph Kramden” might say, “a mere bag of shells,” but trust me it is better than the utter humiliation and despair of losing “big.”

Click below to view “The O’Jays” sing “Love Train” Alas do not get me started on “knowing,” regarding the Blue Jays, their game 2 loss at Cleveland (Indians), played simultaneously to Bama/Tennessee.

O’Jays – Love Train

A much earlier version below.







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