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Oh Am I Critical (Too Much So?) Of Many Broadcasters, Examples Below

October 9, 2016

Six games a six pack of “overs” in this broadcaster Verne Lundquist’s final  year of SEC football on CBS television.

Verne was in typical form, bumbling the fact Navy was leading on its way to a big upset win at Houston, saying they trailed.

Worse he stated “he throws DEEP, on a 2nd down 11, 7 yard completion.

Elsewhere MLB Network’s Dan Plesac said the Cubs would not fear Madison Bumgarner if they were up 2 games to none. They would not fear him, in my opinion, no matter what, but it is so obvious to state they would not up (2-0).

The fine “Awful Announcing” ripped into egomaniac Chris Berman’s insistence on announcing a “pig” game a year, when he has no clue how to do so. It can be found on “Awful Announcing.”

I add, at least on television, you can turn him off and more important are not dependent upon him for game information. Listening to him give television calls, on the ESPN Radio broadcast of the Toronto/Texas game 2, while in traffic, surely denied my constitutional right to not suffer “cruel and unusual punishment.”

Analyst Rick Sutcliffe was horrible, I saved the recording and will deal it out if necessary.

Finally listen to Dan Schulman’s call of Baez’ home run in game 1. His voice went down twice and it took him far too long and at best he played it far too safe, before telling the audience it was a home run.

Contrast that with Giants’ announcer Jon Miller, the man Schulman replaced as the radio voice of the World Series, an honor Schulman does not deserve, certainly not over Miller.

Jon’s call though against his team was loud, voice up, exciting and on the play. Mel Allen, Vin Scully, Earl Gillespie, Jack Quinlan, Jon Miller, among other greats have been afforded the honor of calling the World Series on radio, Schulman, though not unbearable, should not be on that list!



Two greats associated with the Chicago Cubs, Jack Quinlan on the left, Ernie Banks on the right.

Click below to read Matt Yoder’s post regarding the awful work of Chris Berman and Trent Dilfer on the 49ers opening night rout of the Rams. To this point, the Niners have not won since that game and the Rams have not lost. That of course will change but mercifully we will not have to endure Berman on either baseball or football “play by play” the rest of the current seasons and if some sense prevails and Berman, for once can check his ego “at the curve,” ever again.


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