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NFL Predictions, ‘Systems” And Other Comments

October 9, 2016

So far today “mucho” criticism of others, how about some for my (1-4) record on last week’s predictions, the take the loser/loser/underdog vs the winner/winner/favorite “system” (in a classic All in the Family Rafael Campos  as “Little Emanuel asked Carroll O’Connor’s “Archie Bunker” “what is this SYSTEM?!”) going (0-4), three of those predictions, being ousted in the “teaser,” the Jets by a half point.

Despite that result, but with a still fine (11-5-1) record, I offer four predictions/suggestions all again going with the “system” cited above.

The (1-3) New York Jets have a (1-8) record all-time at Pittsburgh (that includes a loss in the 2010 season AFC title tilt) where today they are almost 10 point underdogs (likely will be 10 or more by game time) vs the (3-1) Steelers.

Pitts just routed the K.C. Chiefs in a nationally televised Sunday night tilt. It may not work today, but with all the “kids from Canarsie,” as the complicated “Howie Schtunk” called them, “predicting” Pittsburgh, I say Jets, at least to cover. (23-20) either way.

No comments but these predictions/suggestions.

7 point favorite tonight and in their most recent game, a 7 point win vs the Detroit Lions, so it is not a clear “system” game, Green Bay 29 “Hack” Giants 24.

I am high on the Oakland Raiders, my lone winner last week but will go with the “system.”

3 plus point favorite Oakland 24 San Diego Chargers 21 in overtime.

The last one, the above referenced Lions a 3 plus point “dog” to upset the Philly Eagles.



Rafael Campos, who played “Little Emanuel,” referenced above on “All in the Family,” pictured above was also in “Blackboard Jungle” and at one time married to the great singer, Dinah Washington.

Ms. Washington was also married to one of the greatest Detroit Lions’ players ever, arguably the best, Dick “Night Train” Lane.


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