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Cubs Up (2-0) Vs The Giants

October 9, 2016

He can still be correct but based on recent, if not all his history, Mr. Christopher Russo will be wrong again. I actually say this in a light manner, but what a week of bad predictions for Russo!

Both he and Peter Gammons, the latter picked the L.A Dodgers for last place in 1988, when they last won the World Series, picked the Orioles. It was the Blue Jays.

Russo then picked the Mets, it was the Giants.

Next he picked the Giants in 5 vs the Cubs. It could still happen, but it is very unlikely. By the way, no reason the Cubs should not win the Madison Bumgarner start in game 3 and certainly no reason for the next “Chi” home game to be game 1 of the NLCS, on Saturday October 15th.

I “knew”/at least felt strongly, that the Cubs would win the “Costas” game 2, that is one reason seemingly illogical, why there fortunate win in game 1 was so important.

Alas, though correct thus far, as stated I was not about to “suggest” giving huge odds with “Chi,” but would have taken the Cubs if they were down (1-0).



The great pitcher, Mordecai Brown pictured above. Hopefully before, during or after the MLB Network telecast of the Cubs win vs the Giants last night, an even more important Cubs’ win vs the then New York Giants, exactly 108 years earlier was cited. If it was not, that is shameful!

Mr. Brown hurled the Cubs to a pennant clinching win in that “make up” game, which itself is quite a story, on October 8, 1908, the last year in which they won the World Series.



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