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It Was A “Bad Predictions Week,” Also Though Very Early, I Ask Is It A 1980 Redux In The NFC

October 4, 2016

I did start my “predictions post” by stating “it quite possibly would not be a good week regarding these predictions.” It was not as those predictions/selections were (1-4).

Perhaps the “gods” had their fill or is it “Phil” of the “Roll,” on which losers vs winners was on. All four such cases lost, the predictions are both “on file” and now (11-5-1) in pro and (0-2) in college football.

As stated above, it is early in the season but the 5 NFC playoff teams from the 1980 season (the NFL went to 6 teams per conference, in the playoffs in 1990) all are either ahead, tied or just behind another 1980 NFC playoff team in the 4 NFC divisions.

The Minnesota Vikings are (4-0), (4-0), have covered at least 7 straight games, including their heartbreaking loss to the Seattle Seahawks in a wild card round game last season, and lead the NFC North.

While the NFC East leading (3-0), (3-0) vs the spread, Philadelphia Eagles were idle, the (3-1) Dallas Cowboys won at (1-3) “S.F.” in a second “Emperor/Okman” tilt and first win in such a “presentation.” For the record, the “translation” (I hear Google, as Stephen King wrote our day’s “Big Brother,” has a new translation “computer talk” way of translating the English and some form of the Chinese language into the other) of “Emperor/Okman” is Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

The Atlanta Falcons’ Julio Jones is a great receiver, but statistics in football are almost meaningless, yet I will cite his 300 plus receiving yards as Atlanta is (3-1) after Jones and Company toppled (1-3) defending NFC champion, Carolina, with its supposed “best thing since sliced bread,” quarterback, Cam Newton.

In their return to Los Angeles, the Rams have started (3-1) (tied with Seattle atop the NFC West) and if one “parlayed” their 3 wins, (vs Seattle, at Tampa Bay and at Arizona) a 39 to 1 “payout” was the reward. Did anyone do so or come close to doing so?

All this information ¬†because in 1980, the Eagles won the NFC East, Minnesota won the then, NFC Central and the Atlanta Falcons won the NFC West (the lords of football were not the only sports “czars” in need of a geography lesson as Atlanta is pretty far east, not west. The baseball Braves were in the N.L. West, the real N.L. West in all 25 years of its existence. The basketball Hawks started their time in Atlanta, battling the L.A. Lakers unsuccessfully for NBA West honors. I believe the NHL had it “geographically correct,” regarding the Atlanta Flames, now the Calgary Flames.).

The (one) NFC wild card game opponents in 1980 were the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams.





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