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Comments And Notes On Toronto/Baltimore

October 4, 2016

Tonight the Baltimore Orioles face the Toronto Blue Jays in a Toronto based game, with the team emerging with more runs moving on to face the Texas Rangers in one of two American League division series. In the other, though sans home advantage, the Boston Red Sox are close to 8 to 5 favorites vs the Cleveland Indians.

Toronto and Baltimore, two of ten teams in the baseball tournament, have never clashed in this ridiculous spectacle and since they occupied the same, real, “you had to finish first” division/entity starting with the Jays’ first season in 1977 until true baseball ended with Joe Carter’s World Series sixth game ending home run, which propelled Toronto to a second straight title in 1993, and thus have never squared off in post-season play. I guess what transpires tonight passes for post-season play.

The teams battled for the one quarter A.L. East title until the next to last day of the 1989 season and I believe in a game, in which the broadcasters were the so called “B” team of Bob Costas and Tony Kubek and not  Vin Scully and Joe Garagiola, Toronto prevailed vs what was an upstart O’s team, to clinch the “real division.”

That game was also the last regular season game in the 24 year history of the NBC “Baseball Game of the Week” coverage, which beamed baseball to a grateful audience, for many in that audience, their only televised baseball.



The great televised baseball, director, Harry Coyle, such an integral, if not the best part of NBC’s excellent baseball coverage back when it was well you know…..

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