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I can’t take it, just can’t take ESPN “no more” I believe a Boz Scaggs song reference thus the double negative. Believe me, ESPN is more than a double negative, it is an exponential one!

September 30, 2016

Did you notice I tried regarding ESPN?

I cited the fact that the monolith, originally a tame idea, but now a “Frankenstein type monster” set loose upon the good standards and practices of sports reporting, was televising a pair of WNBA games, on one of their many channels.

The fact I did so is good on both our parts, for them to televise and publicize the WNBA (“for a price Ugarte” or ESPN, too bad it will not cease to exist in the next, or near next scene as was the fate of “Ugarte,” played by the great Peter Lorre, in the film, “Casablanca,”) and for me to promote the giant network I despise, all to help the WNBA.

However, today the ESPN incompetence went too far. They actually put forth a graphic comparing the win percentage for the New England Patriots, in games started by the great Tom Brady, and those that were not.

The terrible concept became a beyond misleading attempt at disseminating information, when Wendy Nix (too bad we can’t NIX the idea of putting incompetent broadcasters on the air) the on air “talent”, proved what I already “guessed,” that she will read what it says without the acumen to know it is ridiculous, (poor Gail Gardner got caught, but so few of them, men included, know anything, save being able to get “made up” and read from a teleprompter) by stating the win percentage was about the same, with no regard to the number of games played.

Obviously, Brady has played many, many more games than his substitutes, enough said if you have even a kernel of knowledge.




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