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September 30, 2016

There have been 16 previous major league baseball seasons, since World Series play began in 1903, with the 2016 calendar (i.e. today September 30th, a Friday).

Among the six playoffs teams already known (all division winners, the 4 bogus wild card entries will be known after this weekend or perhaps beyond, and I will include the contenders for that and thus a title, which I believe to be so wrong, but alas the so called “law,” in this 2 part “calendar/who won the World Series” post), only the Dodgers have ever won the World Series in a year with this calendar.

The Dodgers won their lone title while based in Brooklyn in 1955 and won their last title to date in 1988, each of those years having the same calendar as 2016.

Of course neither the Texas Rangers (nee the expansion Washington Senators), nor the Washington Nationals (nee Montreal Expos), have ever won a title.

None of the combined 12 titles won by the Red Sox, Cubs and Indians (8 by the Red Sox and two each by the Cubs and Indians) were won in a year with the same calendar as 2016.

Given the obvious fact baseball fans want to see the World Series played and the pretty well known fact that largely due to their excellence over the years but also due to their at least perceived arrogance (at times they go hand in hand) a good number of fans truly dislike the New York Yankees, it is “safe” to say at this point in time, nearly half the World Series results in years with this calendar, have been highly disappointing to virtually all non Yankees fans.

16 previous baseball seasons have expired with this/the 2016 calendar, five ending with Yankees’ World Series wins (1927, 1932, 1938, 1949 and 1977, by the way the Yankees were (20-3) in those World Series games, as Yankees’ fan Larry David might say, “preeety good”) and two (1904 and 1994) with no World Series played.



Larry David, pictured above.





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