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A Tribute To Gene Wilder On TCM

September 29, 2016

A journey awaits me via bus, subway, automobile and then perhaps train, a long day, but those of you at home tonight are in for a treat, no not more “AndyB” posts, criticizing sportscasters, but the work of a comedic great, the recently deceased, Gene Wilder starting at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on TCM.

At that time, “Role Model. Gene Wilder” a tribute special will air. That will be followed by one of Mr. Wilder’s excellent roles, that in “Young Frankenstein” which will be shown starting at 9:15

The special will be repeated at 11:15, followed by two more good movies with Gene Wilder, “Start The Revolution Without Me” and “The Cisco Kid.”

Enjoy as TCM pays tribute to Gene Wilder, showing some of the great work he left us.



Maybe get some tootsie rolls to enhance your enjoyment, also evoking memories of Gene Wilder (pictured above) in their commercials. However, with this or just about anything, you will not get it from a “taker.”

Both seek and more important, be “givers.”




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