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Heaven Help Harlan Hell

September 29, 2016

Last Sunday, after the Kansas City Chiefs’ “ho hum” victory in a game, vs the New York Jets ended, CBS shifted this market to its coverage of an eventual Indianapolis Colts win and cover, vs the San Diego Chargers,

Unfortunately I heard Kevin Harlan (Marty Glickman, who delineated every 3 yards or so, is causing seizmic shock, turning over and over in his grave as Harlan continually does everything, but delineate yardage on his radio calls. In addition to causing the earth to move, Harlan’s failure to provide essential game information in a timely manner, is an affront to listeners, but Westwood One lets him do so!) on the telecast.

On television, Harlan could not, by definition, (he was not) be as offensive as on radio, when the listener is at his mercy, but he came darn close.

First, he blurted out no team had ever started (0-3) and made the NFL playoffs. He was corrected, but he is working NFL games, the one last Sunday involving the (0-2) Colts, could not he have done some research?!!

There were other blunders and analyst Rich Gannon was annoying as well (his talk regarding the last play, an example, as there was no realistic of it working, not the impression he gave, and it was going to be a lateral play (he was way off in his theory), which it was–details on demand, I promise).

The details are saved for Harlan, who took playing it safe, to an absurd level when with the possibility of one more play given to the Chargers down 4 points, from roughly their own 20 yard line, he said T.Y. Hilton’s touchdown catch MAY have given the Colts their first victory.

At worst, say “barring a last play miracle touchdown,” but Harlan used the word “may” as a gauge of the probability of an S.D. win.

Whether he is NOT telling us how many yards were gained, or having a clue regarding probability, Harlan’s performance is disgraceful.



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