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It Is The Dodgers’ Division And Comments Regarding Vin Scully

September 22, 2016

The Los Angeles Dodgers, now with a 6 game lead for at least the National League three seed, will be in post-season play, even if their retiring and revered broadcaster, Vin Scully will not.

In his 67th consecutive and last season with the club, Scully has stated he will not broadcast L.A. post-season games, even any in L.A.

Mr. Scully is rightfully universally acclaimed, but beyond vastly overrated in my opinion.

However, one can still be great without being a deity. Closer to the former than the latter, Scully is a superb “between pitches broadcaster.”

Long ago, he dropped from the ranks of even good play by play broadcasters, but in an era of so few that actually are even fair, Scully still rates higher than almost all even in that category.

Scully called the last out of Don Drysdale’s 5th consecutive shutout in 1968, concluding what he imparted to L.A. and beyond, with an emphatic, superb inflexion (Wes) Parker’s GOT IT!

It is the very essence of what I aspired to be, and even now no matter how many times I play it on my “sports highlights” tape, I made with hope in early 1974, gives me a feeling of “high,” I doubt drugs could match, certainly not without peril.

I will not embarrass Mr. Scully by referring to his low key, little, if any inflexion call, of the Monday L.A. game clinching play, won in exciting fashion with home team, L.A. at bat.

Again before his last game, and it is a shame he is not going to broadcast L.A. post-season, (do not be surprised if Scully changes his mind, should L.A. make the World Series) I will reflect further on Scully as a broadcaster.



I do not believe the picture of the great actor Lee J. Cobb pictured above is in his role as “Scelly” maybe it is from “Twelve Angry Men.”

My point regarding Vin Scully is that while I believe him to be a great broadcaster with play by play limitations, the fact he has lasted so long has produced tributes of unanimous claims of Scully as the best ever.

In this matter, which is far less important than a jury verdict regarding, as it turns out an innocent man’s life in “Twelve Angry Men,” I do not need to channel my “inner Henry Fonda,” but only to listen Scully’s work, to dissent rather intensely to this view that Scully walks on water. He DOES NOT!!



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One Comment
  1. Please elaborate. Also do you get my point that I still consider Scully a great broadcaster, but in my opinion, far from as great as what he is being universally acclaimed upon his retirement.

    One other thing, forget that you use an insult sans explanation, (perhaps there is a lesson there), but I would bet “mucho,” you are too young, to really have listened to baseball on the radio.

    Whether you are or not, did you hear Scully’s call of the winning play in the opener of the just completed series vs the Giants? There was almost no excitement and he was behind, as he so often is on play by play.

    He is out of the “rather be safe than sorry” school of broadcasting.

    Despite all this, I will truly cry when his fabulous career, chock full of great broadcasting achievements and moments ends.

    There will be a post or two upcoming in which I will recollect my Scully experiences and it will read as all the rest save mine thus far, a stirring tribute to a broadcasting great.

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