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Boston/Houston Football Notes

September 22, 2016

Tonight’s Thursday night football tilt is a battle between a pair of defending divisional champions, who have started the season with two wins.

The game in which the Houston Texans are visiting the New England Patriots also matches two cities/areas that housed original A.F.L. franchises.

New England or the once Boston Patriots, are still there, enjoying a 15 season or so period of great success.

Houston housed the original A.F.L. team, the Oilers, still in existence as a franchise, but as the Tennessee Titans. The Texans are in their

In that regard, think of the movie, of “Cast Away” and the returning, marooned Tennessee resident being informed that the state not only had an NFL team, but one that came within a yard and an extra point of forcing Super Bowl overtime, which still has never happened, in their 1999 season Supe loss, vs the then St. Louis Rams.




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