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HUMAN Lives Matter More Than Whether Any Number Of People Do Not Stand For The National Anthem

September 22, 2016

This will be simple and not really about the literally burning topics of police shooting and killing black males and the resulting protest by some athletes, not to stand for the playing of the U.S. national anthem.

My only point is that if we do not agree that the loss of a human life, essentially no matter the reason, innocent or guilty, is far worse than any number of people not standing for the national anthem, then we are in even greater trouble than I think.

Let’s agree, or move thirty percent toward an agreement on my point, that HUMAN lives matter more than whether people stand for the national anthem and almost by definition, we will have made progress.

In case you think this is anti-police and I have already been called a fool for knocking the great Vin Scully a bit (to many that is like knocking the flag, which of course symbolizes to me, among many other things, that I have the right to do so), it is not.

The police are paid to protect, sadly what is little known is that many laws are tied in to them protecting property, but they often have a thankless job and there are people committing violent crimes.

Thus remembering HUMAN or better yet ALL HUMAN life matters, let’s stop the violence, (I have spoken out vs guns before) and move thirty percent toward knowing that is far more important and thus it is far worse when lives are lost, than whether some people did not stand for the national anthem.

For the record, I not only stand for the U.S. anthem but also anthems from other nations. While I do not salute or with rare exceptions sing along, I remove my hat and do NOT interrupt any national anthem with early cheers as I have heard so often, while attending sporting events.



Whitney Houston, pictured above, sang the U.S. national anthem before the 25th Super Bowl.

Click below to hear (sorry no video), Frank Sinatra sing “My Way” aka “the national anthem ” at the nationally televised “Main Event” and pay attention, if you will, to his opening “tongue in cheek” comment, “you need not stand,” but also to the words, to which just about all of us HUMANS can relate.

My Way (Live At Madison Square Garden/1974)






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